Re-Sounding Southern Fiddles: Harry Bolick


Re-Sounding History April flyer

A thirty year veteran of the New York ‘Oldtimey’ music scene, fiddler Harry Bolick has mastered a variety of local fiddling styles from the southern states in a multitude of differing tunings, and has collected and composed a large number of contemporary fiddle tunes in traditional styles. Born in Mississippi, he has focused on, recorded, and taught workshops in the classic fiddle tunes from Carroll County, Mississippi. He has five recordings to his credit and leads a number of duos and bands under his own name. Recently, Bolick has focused on Carroll County tunes that he has learned from recordings made in the 1920s. His trips to the Smithsonian archives have centered on musicians William Thomas Narmour, Shell Smith, and “Mississippi” John Hurt. During the two years before making his recording Carroll County, Mississippi, Bolick visited Carroll County and elsewhere in Mississippi to do fieldwork, interviewing musicians to more fully understand this music.