Zeke Leonard at Syracuse University

The ongoing human struggle to create and record beauty through music has driven great innovation and ongoing explorations. Often, the materials that come easiest to hand are the ones that are pressed into use, and this process of “found object” instrument building can be informative in understanding a culture or a demographic. Though there are musical instrument type-forms  with which we are all familiar, there is an ongoing experimentation for creating new type forms, new tunings, and new sounds as we continue to use music to make sense of the world around us.

Professor Zeke Leonard from the SU Department of Design demonstrated his found-object instruments and talked about his explorations, as well as showing some of the intonarumori that he is building as part of a joint commission from SU and Kronos Quartet, in anticipation of Kronos’ upcoming residency at SU in February.  Go to  http://scfoiw.blogspot .com for more.

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